Voting and Democracy

Common Cause “holds power accountable”.  They are very much in the forefront of actions to address fair districts for elections to try to end “gerrymandering”. Their website offers a host of resources.  While their office is located in Raleigh, you can get connected locally by going to their website and making a request for that information..

The Buncombe County Board of Elections is an important resource for the latest information on elections that affect this county. They provide voter registration forms and a variety of information that can be shared to help educate the community on voting.

Key Allies

The League of Women Voters of Asheville-Buncombe County is a nonpartisan, volunteer- based, political organization born out of the national women’s suffrage movement in 1920. The League works in servicing the needs of the voting public and protecting the rights of all voters through education and advocacy. In Buncombe County, current emphasis of work is on facilitating voter registration and participation, providing education on voting regulations, registration, candidates, voting dates and issues that affect elections, advocating for voting accessibility and fair voting practices (including redistricting reform), and advocating for passage of the Equal Rights Amendment.

Get involved: To get involved, email Alana Pierce at or call (828) 333-0893.


Democracy NC offers a wealth of resources to help people promote voting registration, education, turnout and advocacy. Democracy NC focuses on providing accessible materials and training to community members and organizations aiming to increase civic engagement, community-based issue education, and voter engagement in WNC.

Get involved: The Buncombe office for WNC is headed by organizer Darlene Azarmi at (828) 216-3430 or or Edward Peters at (336) 601-9534.


The Buncombe/WNC Voter Engagement Coalition is a group of representatives from nonprofits and faith communities as well as interested individuals who for the last 4 years have worked to encourage voter registration, education, turnout and advocacy. One of their goals is to help coordinate activities to maximize the impact of those working, on a nonpartisan basis, to increase voter registration, education, turnout and advocacy. They offer a calendar of events, activities, forums, and trainings that are open for all to view, consider and attend. All are welcome to participate.

Get involved: If interested in volunteering or being a part of the monthly meetings, contact Ron Katz at or at (828) 768-4559.


United Way of Asheville and Buncombe County hosts a voting page that is updated on a regular basis to provide important information on this issue. Timely e-newsletters are sent to all those, particularly around election time, who pledge to vote.

Get involved: Pledge to vote or encourage people to pledge. Contact Ron Katz at or at (828) 768-4559 for questions or further information.


Common Cause NC is a statewide, nonpartisan public interest group advocating for more open, honest and accountable government. Their priorities include defending voting rights, ending gerrymandering and curbing big money politics. They seek to strengthen democracy serving as the people’s voice in the hallways of the NC General Assembly and communities across the  state for nearly 50 years.

Get involved: Their WNC contact is Jim Millikan at