Criminal Justice


Racist Roots is a powerful 26-minute film produced by the Center for Death Penalty Litigation that reveals the North Carolina death penalty‘s deep entanglement with racism. Using historical narrative and multiple viewpoints, the film puts the modern death penalty in the context of racial terror and lynching. This resource is available for online and in-person screenings and can be paired with panel or small group facilitated discussions for a variety of groups from students to faith communities. Contact Noel Nickle at or call (828) 775-9912 to schedule.

WNC Response to COVID-19 For Those in Custody is a public Facebook group with the purpose of 1) Providing accurate information, resources, and support to families who have loved ones in jail and prison custody. 2) Engaging and educating community members who are less impacted by jail and prison to facilitate advocacy and a compassionate response to COVID-19. 3) Building capacity for more equity and justice after this pandemic, by sharing information and nurturing connection across systemic barriers imposed by our justice system and mass incarceration.

The Marshall Project is about demystifying the criminal justice system. Go to the website for articles and stories that do just that.

Key Allies

The N.C. Coalition for Alternatives to the Death Penalty is a statewide coalition of member organizations and individuals committed to ending the death penalty and creating a new vision of justice. They are dedicated to broad criminal legal reform rooted in restorative justice. They work with and educate lawmakers, communities, and the public about the racist, unjust and ineffectual death penalty system. They advocate for equitable alternatives that promote healing and increase public safety. They center the voices of people most proximate to the death penalty: homicide survivor family members and individuals living on or exonerated from death row and their families. They believe their leadership and stories are key to transforming our system.

Get Involved: Contact Noel Nickle at or call (828) 775-9912.