World Beyond War offers resources for educating people about peace. 

The Center for Justice and Peacebuilding offers resources here. Scroll down the above page for a variety of resources. 

Key Allies

Reject Raytheon AVL is a local movement of activists and peacemakers who have come together to ensure that the economic development of Buncombe County relies not on incentives given to war profiteering multinational corporations, but rather on investments in a sustainable, local economic model. They’ve also joined with groups nationwide in advocating against the war industry. They believe all have a responsibility to create a world that is more equitable to all inhabitants of this planet. This starts with local decision-making,

Get Involved: Contact Rachael Bliss at or call (828) 505-9425.


Veterans For Peace  – Western North Carolina Chapter is one of over 140 chapters of Veterans For Peace around the US and Internationally, dedicated to ‘Exposing the True Costs of War and Militarism Since 1985.’ They are nonpartisan and non-profit in a military industrial complex and culture that thrives on partisanship and war profiteering at the expense of time and treasure that our society and planet need to survive. Weekly peace vigils are open to all at the intersection of Broadway and Patton in downtown Asheville every Tuesday, 4:30 – 5:30 pm. 

Get Involved: Contact Bruce Carruthers at or call (316).734-0575.


Creative Peacemakers provides an after-school program for children (K-4) living in the Deaverview Apartment Community (low income) in West Asheville. Their mission is to help children:

  • Develop peace within themselves, providing a sense of empowerment and resilience
  • Contribute to peace in their relationships – conflict resolution and compassionate communication
  • Learn to problem-solve, encouraging justice among ALL people
  • Address environmental care, sustainability and an appreciation of the natural world.

Get Involved: There are volunteer opportunities which provide hands on experience to learn about the impact of poverty on children and knowledge about areas for advocacy. Contact: Noel Schwartz at (901) 274-3106 or at