Advocating for social justice is essential to creating a more equitable world. For some, this has been a lifelong activity, but for many people, a question looms before them; “Where do I start?”

We hope this site provides a good starting place for those who might be new to social justice and for those looking to create cross-issue connections. It is our attempt at providing a central location for a list of Resources (to learn more) and possible Allies (to connect and act) for those in western North Carolina, but we know it is not complete and welcome feedback and ideas to make it better and more complete.

This site started with 14 issues identified through an initial survey conducted among a group of people passionate about social justice back in 2017, but we will consider and are open to including other issues. We are now up to 18 with the addition of Criminal Justice in February, 2021 and Peace in September, 2021! We hope all people with passions around one or more social justice issues in this part of the state will know about this online guide, and, if they so desire, use it to learn, connect with others of a similar passion, and take action.

This site is supported by and is a product of Carolina Jews for Justice-West. If you or your organization would like to support the Advocacy Guide financially or assist in other ways, please email Ron Katz.