Disability Rights


Disability Rights Advocates is a national and international organization advancing equal rights for people with all types of disabilities nationwide. They offer resources here

People living with disabilities face numerous challenges in securing employment. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, only 17.9% of people with a disability are employed. Resume Builder has created a comprehensive step-by-step guide here that can help people with disabilities create an impactful resume that can highlight their skills and value to potential employers.

Pursuing higher education is exciting and stressful for every college-bound student, but it can be more challenging for those with learning disabilities. It’s important that students who learn and think differently know how to get the additional support they may need. Intelligent.com created this planning guide for students with learning disabilities to ensure they understand how to request the accommodations they need and what support is available to them.

Key Allies

Pisgah Legal Services “represents the disabled and those seeking disability benefits, services and benefits for the most vulnerable among us including services to allow seniors and other individuals with disabilities to remain in their homes and out of more costly institutional care.”

Get involved: Contact Lori Nierzwick at lori@pisgahlegal.org or call (828) 818-5474.